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NOT ME. I eat nothing but raw angus beef that only comes from wrestling wild bulls I kill with my bare hands, and carrots that I steam with underwater ocean steam vents after I kill all the sharks that want my flawless bicep meat. I rub oil on my chest muscles and make them dance when I get happy time feelings. I'll never need help to make foot long lady sandwich with my man meat. Ha. Ha. Ho. Ha. Hehe. That makes my muscle-boobs shake because even they are laughing at such silly jokes. Viagra and Cialis are what I named my chest nipples, since they make girly men want to touch them. ED sound like Dee Dee who gives me lots of sexy time on my way to pump iron at the gym. I don't need to worry about erectile dysfunction. I wreck dis shirt when I function dis bicep muscle covered in baby oil. That's as close as I get to viagra or cialis sissy-man pills.
In the Massachusetts Male Aging study experts found that 52% of men suffer from erectile dysfunction(ED). By age 40 your chances of having ED increase 5-15% totalling a 45-55% chance of no longer enjoying sex again. By age 70 your screwed(not in the good way) with a 70% chance of having ED. That is about 3 guys out of you and your 3 best buds. A roulette wheel has much fairer odds than mother nature.
It can occur at any age to any regular joe with or without healthy diet and exercise. It doesn't discriminate on race, hair color, social status, financial success, number of girls you date, number of second cousins, number of facebook friends, or even number presidents you can name. Erectile dysfunction doesn't care about you, your happiness, or if your marriage fails when your wife realizes you can't have sex and she still can without you(sadly it happens too often).
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